2023 Recitals:
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14 April: Scots Church, Melbourne
                Organ and Trombone recital with Joseph Yu
4 October: Melbourne Town Hall (Victorian Seniors Festival organ event)
27 November: César Franck 200th anniversary at Toorak Uniting Church

5 March: St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne
                  Organ and Trumpet recital with Bruno Siketa
10 March: Scots Church Melbourne
30 June: St. Paul's Cathedral Melbourne
30 June: St. Paul's Cathedral Melbourne

Due to the pandemic, all my 2020 solo organ recitals and concerts with other groups have been totally cancelled or postponed indefinitely, both overseas and domestic. 

The "Worship with Bach" series during the 10.15am Sunday service on the first Sunday of the month in 2020 at Toorak Uniting Church are as follow:
Segment 1: Sunday 5 January - New Year and Epiphany
Segment 2: Sunday 2 February - O Christ who art the light and day
Segment 3: Sunday 1 March - Ash Wednesday and Lent
Segment 4: Sunday 5 April - Palm Sunday - Holy Week  (live stream)
Segment 5: Sunday 3 May - Easter Time (live stream)
Segment 6: Sunday 7 June - Pentecost & Trinity (live stream)
Segment 7: Sunday 2 August - Catechism - Faith (live stream)
Segment 8: Sunday 6 September - Spring Time (live stream)
Segment 9: Sunday 4 October - (live stream)
Segment 10: Sunday 1 November - All Saints-All Souls (live stream)
Segment 11: Sunday 6 December - Advent and Christmas (live stream)

2019 Recitals:
21 April: Esplanade Concert Hal, Singapore 
6 June: St Michael's on Collins, Melbourne 
9 June: All Saint's Church East St Kilda, Melbourne
19 June: St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne
5 July: Havelberg Cathedral, Germany 
7 July: Magdeburg Cathedral, Germany 
21 July: Christiankirke, Copenhagen
26 July: Helligåndskirke, Copenhagen
5 September: St Michael's Collins Street, Melbourne
17 September: Scots Church, Melbourne
1 December: Toorak Uniting Church, Melbourne
8 December: St. John's Divine, Croydon, with soprano Allegra Giagu

2018 Recitals:
7 April: Sint-Quintinuskathedraal, Hasselt, Belgium
24 May: St Michael's Uniting Church 
10 June: All Saints' East St Kilda
17 June: Backens kyrka, Umeå
26 June: St Peters Klosterkyrkan, Lund
27 June: Sta Maria kyrka Helsingborg
30 June: Dunblane Cathedral
1 July: St Gilles Cathedral Edinburgh
7 July: Dom Wusterhausen-Dosse
8 July: Dorfkirche Stüdnitz
29 July: St Mark's Fitzroy Melbourne
28 September: St Stephen's Uniting Church, Sydney
7 October: Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Melbourne
15 November: Messiaen & Mysticism, Melbourne Town Hall
16 December: Our Lady of Victories Basilica, Melbourne

2017 Recitals:

3 February: Wellington (cancelled due to earthquake damage to the organ)
4 February: Christ Church, Wanganui
8 February: St Andrew's, Palmerston North
11 February: Waipu Cathedral, Napier
29 April: Holy Trinity Maldon
21 June: Melbourne
22 June: Melbourne
1 July: Wiesbaden
1 July: Schlangenbad
7 July: Godalming
12 July: Denmark
3 August: St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 

2016 recitals:

21 February: International Bamboo Organ Festival, The Philippines.
15 March: Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane
15 May: Toorak Uniting Church, Melbourne
30 May: Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Melbourne
1 October: TSK Anglican Secondary School, Hong Kong 
3 October: TSK Anglican Secondary School, Hong Kong 
13 November: All Saints Anglican Church, St. Kilda East 

2015 recitals:

18 January: Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney 
20 January: Memorial Church, Cooranbong
21 March: Happy Birthday J.S. Bach at Toorak Uniting Church Melbourne
31 May: Organ Inauguration, Anglican Church of the Resurrection, Gisborne 
4 June: Soup and Singing, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Knoxfield
24 June: St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne
12 July: Ilen Church, Trondheim
18 July: Walburgis, Zutphen 
22 July: RIbe Cathedral
23 July: Asmundtorps Kyrka, Sweden
28 July: Sct Mortens Randers
8 November: Flute and Organ, Toorak Uniting Church, Melbourne
7 December: St Mary's Basilica, Geelong
16 December: St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne


 2014 recitals:

11 January: Ballarat Goldfields Festival 
19 January: St David's Uniting Church Geelong
27 April: Chiesa di Portoghese, Rome
31 May: Invercargill, NZAO Congress
21 June: Hong Kong Cultural Centre
5 July: Eglise des Billettes, Paris
9 July: Soro, Denmark
12 July: Dillingen, Germany
24 September: Melbourne Town Hall
26 September: St Matthew's Albury
17 December St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne

 2013 recitals:

18-20 April: Promenade of Sacred Music, Hamilton, VIC
5 May: World Organ Day 2013, Toorak Uniting Church, VIC
12 May: All Saints Anglican Church, St Kilda VIC
6 June: St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney NSW
9 June: Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle NSW
21 July: St Patrick's Church Mentone. With Peter Sheridan, flutes
28 July: Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide SA 
10 August: St John's Cathedral, Brisbane QLD
29 September: Heilbad-Heiligenstadt, Eichsfeld, Germany
4 October: SS Peter & Paul, Godalming, Surrey, England
8 October: St Margaret's King's Lynn, England
12 October: St Michael's Highgate, London
1 November: Conservatorium of Music, University of Tasmania, Hobart
6 December: Cathedral of St Paul's, Wellington NZ
18 December: St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne

2012 recitals:

12 January: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street, Melbourne
14 June: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street, Melbourne
30 June: All Saints Anglican Cathedral Kowloon East, Hong Kong
10 July: Cathedrale St Andre, Bordeaux 
15 July: Basilique St Nazaire, Carcassonne (Estivales d'Orgue de la Cité)
17 July: Cathedrale St-Just-St-Pasteur, Narbonne
18 July: Musee des Augustins, Toulouse
19 August: Richmond Uniting Church, Richmond, Melbourne
29 November: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street, Melbourne
22 December: St Patrick's Catholic Church, Mentone

2011 recitals:

9 April: Coleraine, Hamilton
17 April: Lyon Housemuseum, Melbourne, Australia
12 May: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street, Melbourne
22 May: Notre-Dame de Paris
28 May: Marktkirche, Wiesbaden
3 June: Ss Peter & Paul, Godalming
16 June: St Bride's, Glasgow
18 June: Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland
7 August: St John's East Malvern, Melbourne
25 August: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street, Melbourne
5 October: Sydney Town Hall
7 October: Holy Trinity, Maldon
28 November: St Mary's Basilica, Geelong
20 December: Cystic Fibrosis Christmas Concert, St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne

2010 recitals:
14 January: Ballarat Goldfields Festival, Australia
17 January: St Patrick's Cathedral Auckland, Zealand
29 April: St Michael's Collins Street Melbourne
12 May: Adelaide Town Hall
16 May: Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide
5 September: Kooyong Chamber Players, Armadale Uniting Church
19 September: Melbourne Town Hall, Cystic Fibrosis Charity Concert
4 November: St Michael's Collins Street Melbourne
7 November: Avenue Uniting Church, Blackburn, Melbourne
13 November: Christ Church Cathedral, Nelson, New Zealand
19 November: St Paul's Cathedral Wellington, New Zealand
21 November: Holy Trinity Cathedral Auckland, New Zealand
28 November: South Island Organ Company, New Zealand
12 December: Australian Boys Choir Concert, Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

 2009 recitals:
18 April: Hamilton, Australia
14 June: Melbourne Town Hall
21 June: St Mary's Basilica, Geelong, Australia
25 June: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street, Melbourne
7 July: Ste Croix, Bordeaux, France
8 July: St Seurin, Bordeaux, France
26 July: Magdeburgerdom, Germany
2 August: St Gilles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland
5 August: Sct Mortens, Rankers, Denmark
10 September: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
12 September: Hong Kong Cultural Centre
18 September: Hong Kong Baptist University
4 October: St Gabriel's Catholic Church Reservoir, Melbourne
19 November: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street

2008 recitals:

27 July: St Silas Albert Park (Organ and Trombone Duo concert), Melbourne
21 September: Hommage a Olivier Messiaen - excerpts from Livre du Saint Sacrement at St John's Camberwell
27 September: Complete performance of Livre du Saint Sacrement(Olivier Messiaen) [This was the second Australian performance of the work in its entirety. South Austrlian radio station 5MBS has recorded the concert.]
10 October: Christchurch Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, New Zealand
12 October: Sacred Heart Basilica, Timaru, New Zealand
18 October: Wanganui Collegiate, New Zealand
25 October: Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Auckland, New Zealand
26 October: St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland, New Zealand
2 November: St Paul's Cathedral Wellington, New Zealand
26 November: St Michael's Uniting Church Collins Street, Melbourne
29 November: St Patrick's Catholic Church, Mentone
1 December: St Mary's Basilica, Geelong

2007 recitals:

16 January: Ballarat Goldfields Organ Festival
18 March: St John's Camberwell
27 June: Adelaide Town Hall
22 July: Brisbane: St John's Cathedral
3 August: All Saints Anglican Church Preston
2 September: Westminster Abbey
3 September: Pirbright, Surrey - Trombone & Organ Recital
8 September: Coggiola, Italy - Trombone & Organ Recital
9 September: Romagnano, Italy - Trombone & Organ Recital
18 September: Scots Church Melbourne
15 October: Christ Church Brunswick Melbourne - Trombone & Organ Recital
24 October: St James' King Street, Sydney
26 October: St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney
28 October: Christchurch Anglican Cathedral, Newcastle, NSW



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