The post-resurrection miraculous haul of fish and Peter swimming to shore, 2016.   For the Rt. Rev. Gerald Beaumont.  (Base on picture of the Mural in the Greek Orthodox Church in Capernaum, Galilee).

Madonna and Child, started probably in 2010 or 2011.  Never completed the face of the Madonna due to my technical limitations! 

Jesus Christus the Pantokrator, 2009-2010. This took me a long time because of all the details and fine lines. The hebrew text was written again and again until I finally got all the words fitted on the book!

Jesus Christus the Pantokrator (2007-2008), I took 1 year to paint this one, with some starting and stopping, and painting over and painting over, again and again.

Ikon of St Matthew and St John. Completed in February 2009.  Now in ownership of Andrew and Alison Bunting.

Archangel Gabriel, completed in April 2007. My favourite one, it is smaller in size than all the other ones I did so far.  In possession of Fr Geoff Terry. 

Coptic Ikon depicting the Archangel Michael defeating the dragon.  It was the first Ikon I did. 2006 or 2007.

The green jug at Lynn's. 2013.

Tosca chez elle au Pecq, 2010-2011. Finished March 2011. The painting is an adaption of a photo. It was given to the owner of the house my dear former teacher and friend.

Canal du Midi, late 2007. Transferred from a photo taken on my bicycle in autumn 2001. The photo had been sitting on my piano for several years. I always wanted to commission somebody to properly paint it for me. One year after I joined Gerald's Ikon painting class, I discovered that although I am not really a painter, I didn't need to wait until the perfect painter turns up. I can go on the adventure myself and just have fun on my desk. The actual size of the painting is 45cm x 75cm. I changed a few little things and ignored some unidentifiable details on the photo. 


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